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  Water is precious and important for our daily lives, by harvesting rainwater we can create a stable sustainable system within our facilities without reliancing on external water source.

Rainwater can be used to replace up to 50-70%* of water consumption daily for residential, commerial and industrial buildings.

Common and approved application of rainwater harvesting as follows:
*Pending approval (Filtered Rainwater had been used for washing of clothes in Germany)




With Graf patented quick connection(in green), allows the Carat Tank to be assembled without screws in only few minutes. Disassembly is possible at any time.
The first-class EPDM material used in the profile sealings(in yellow), has been laboratory tested to last more than 25 years.
The centering bolt(in orange) assures the accurate and easy assembly of the two half shells preventing any leaks.
The tank dome can be aligned with the connection independently of the tank. With quick and easy special seal for pipe connection.
The height of the tank can be smoothly adjusted to suit the local conditions and it can be tilted by 5┬░. This will ensure cover to be entirely flush with gorund level.
The Carat underground tank is made from Duralen®, a high quality material that is extremely rigid and impact resistant, therefore ideally suited for production underground tank. With very low warping characteristics and high stiffness, this material provides high stability and a unique life expectancy.
Used of recycled material during manufacturing process and it can be easily recycled which reduce waste and environment impact.
TUV ceritified
15 years warranty
  Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) Filtration system
  Our RWH(Graf) system encompass of a basic 4 layers of filtering and an additional Micro filter option to filter and clean the Rainwater harvested.
  Filtration Layer 1 - Self-cleaning Filter
  A self-cleaning which means low maintenance fine filter is today recognised as an important component of modern rainwater harvesting. Graf Rainwater filter comes with Stainless steel filter mesh width 0.35 mm. The leaves and contaminants will be trap by this filter and clean rainwater will be harvest to the tank. With the self-cleaning function the maintenance intervals are minimized when using these filters. Recommend to do periodic inspection every month. It can provide over 95% water yield of the precious water and using around 5% for the cleansing overflow.

Optimax filter fitted with Opticlean water jet

  During Heavy downpour, it is very ideal for self-cleaning process to take place by discharge of leaves and contaminant from filter mesh. Graf Optimax and Minimax filters both able to be fitted with an additional cleaning unit Opticlean which uses very intense water jet for cleaning the filter sieve. This Opticlean jet can be automatic activated with Graf Aqua-centre silento which further reduce routine maintenance interval.
  Filtration Layer 2 - Skimmer overflow

The overflow siphon acts as a skimmer removing the contaminants floating on the surface and it will overflow to sewage/drainage outlet. This is a simple and practical measure to easily remove grease, dust and pollen regularly from the tank.

  Filtration Layer 3 - Sedimentation (Settled inlet basket)
  The inflowing water may still contain fine stuff, which is not retained by the filter. This component of sedimentation gradually settles down at the base of tank with time, where some additionally biological self-cleaning effects are active. To avoid dispersion of accruing layer of sedimentation, the inlet into the tank must be done via a calming inlet.
  Filtration Layer 4 - Floating suction filter

Floating water extraction unit ensures that the pump always draws the cleanest layer of water from the tank. In the event when coarse dirt particles did manage to enter the tank, the suction head will be fitted with a fine filter (1.2mm nominal width) or micro filter (0.23mm nominal width) to retain the dirt and protects the pump.

  Reversible flow filter (Optional)

For an additional filter effect before connecting the rainwater supply to your irrigation and toilet bowls.A reversible flow filter can be fitted after the pump, this is sensible if the water is going to be used for application which is particle sensitive. Eg drip irrigation. The mesh width of the 0.1mm fine filter retains the smallest dirt particles. The sieve insert cleans easily in few seconds, the sieve does not need to be replaced.


Reversible flow filter to be place after pump


Easily clean by manually flushing


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